Q. When will my order be dispatched?
A. Orders are dispatched usually within 48-72 hours, depending on the backlog. Right now we're doing a heavy promotion and processing many orders a day, so please allow up to 72 hours.

Q. Where is my order? The tracking isn't working
A. Please use the tracking on our website, tracking might not become visible for 7-10 days after your item has been dispatched, as it may still be in the origin country (e.g. China). If the tracking doesn't become visible after 7-10 days, please contact us.
Tracking link: https://eloquentwatches.com/pages/track-orders

Q. How long does delivery take?
A. We hope to provide delivery within 7-28 days of purchase. However, backlogs, warehouse delays and slow customs can take longer. So we require a limit of 40-50 days and 72 hour dispatch time, meaning 53 day delivery window.

Q. My tracking hasn't updated for xx days
A. This is nothing to worry about, this is usually customs being slow. What tends to happen is the tracking goes dark while it's being processed at customs, which might take several days. It then speeds back up when the item arrives in the destination country.

Q. Is this a real deal?
A. Yes, we are a company registered in England & Wales (Bonkeno LTD) and legally bound by consumer law, so if your items do not arrive then we have to refund you by law.

Q. How do I buy a watch? Please send me a free watch!
A. All watch orders must be done through the website, please use the website - we cannot help with that from support emails. www.EloquentWatches.com

Q. I've ordered more than one watch but only one has arrived
A. Multiple watch orders may be dispatched from different warehouses, so one of your orders might come faster than the other. There's nothing to worry about here!